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Summer offers abundant variety, and the diet should reflect this. Minerals and oils are sweated out of the body, and their loss can cause weakness if they are not replaced by a varied diet. To be more comfortable, drinks hot liquids and take warm showers to induce sudden sweating and to cool the body.

Summer heat combined with too much cold food weakens the digestive organs. Coldness causes contraction; it holds in sweat and heat, and interferes with digestion. Iced drinks and ice cream actually contract the stomach and stop digestion that's why they are best avoided.

On the hottest days, create a cool atmosphere like picnics and serve more cooling fresh foods such as salads, sprouts, fruit, cucumber, etc and leaf teas including chrysanthemum, mint and chamomile.

Also, the dispersing hot-flavoured spices are considered appropriate in the warmest weather. At first their effect is to increase warmth, but ultimately they bring body heat to the surface to be dispersed. With heat on the surface, one's body mirrors the summer climate and therefore will be more affected by it. Fresh ginger, cayenne red pepper and black pepper are all ideals for this purpose. However , if too many dispersing foods are taken, then weakness and loss of yang will result, and the ability to stay warm and vital in cooler seasons is lost

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