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Spring, the Kapha season

As the cold and wetness of winter settle in, in the Northern Hemisphere we are moving from Vata season to Kapha

season. Along with the cold in the earlier parts of the season, it’s this prevailing wetness that defines Kapha season.

Ease the transition to spring by creating sukha, which means "GOOD SPACE" or a general state of health and happiness.

Eat wholesome food and practice asana and pranayama enabling prana(vital force) to move freely through your body.

Like wind moving clouds through the sky, prana moves fluids and phlegm easily through the body.

To increase sukha and prana in your practice, add squats (i.e. Chair Pose), which free up "good space" in the densest part of the body: the pelvis and legs. The pelvis and legs represent the earthy-watery part of the body and are prone to retaining fat and water. You might feel your legs as if someone were pouring cement instead of prana into them.

During these intense moments, remember to preserve sukha.

Don't overcontract your muscles or compromise your breath creating  excessive muscular and nervous tension. Practice Ujiayi Pranayama in the poses-asanas.

Try to combine the complementary actions of willfull effort with relaxation in each breath.

As you inhale, guide your awareness into your pelvis and legs, refining the qualities of muscle tone, circulation and stability. As you exhale, hold your lower body steady and imagine a wave of relaxation moving up along your spine. As you do this, pay special attention to your upper back, heart, throat, lungs and brain.

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